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High quality, custom logos for all businesses. We design logos that make your business stand out.
A great logo is just the start to building a strong brand for any business. A great logo is simple, memorable and helps your business to stand out from the competition. When someone sees your logo, they’ll know exactly who it belongs to. A great logo represents your business conceptually, represents your core values, and can help send the right message about your business.
G Squared Studios is dedicated to providing the best logo design services for all types of businesses. Our goal is to work closely with you to design a logo that is powerful, makes an impact, and helps you build a long lasting look for your business.

A strong logo is the building block for every successful brand.

Longevity is essential for any logo. A logo can evolve, but you definitely don’t want to have to change your logo every couple of years.

Many of the best logos from brand we all know and love have evolved over the years, without having to change drastically. Professional, high quality logos don’t rely on current trends, and are typically designed with long term use in mind.

We work closely with every client to bring your business’s vision and brand to life. We learn about your business and strive to understand what makes it special. This helps us to design the best logo for your business that represents what you are all about.

Your logo ends up on everything you own, from your business cards to your website. It is on your uniforms, your signage, and even your company vehicles. That is why it is important to have a logo you’re proud of.

We understand this, because our graphic design services incorporate your logo and supporting brand elements to create consistent, coherent messaging that resonates with your ideal customers.

Service and guidance governs everything we do, from logo design, to website design services and Search engine optimization. Our goal is to help you understand the process and work toward the results you’re after for your business.

If you have any questions about designing a logo, branding, or any of the services we provide, we are here to help. Give us a call anytime.

A Simple, Refined Logo Design Process

We have a simple, 5-step logo creation process for great results.






What Clients Have to Say About G Squared Studios:

Great experience! I’m happy to say that G Squared provided myself in a timely and affordable manner the logo design I desired for. After hours of other businesses giving the runaround G squared came through with a solid and well designed logo! Customer service was top notch and continued throughout the process to stay in contact with me. Would definitely recommend this service to anyone seeking the provided services they offer!

Matthew Noe – Noe Racing

G Squared Studios helped produce a unique design that captured a good representation of my non-profit organization. He was very patient and worked with me even though I changed my mind many times! I would highly recommend this company to anybody wanting quality work!

Faith Sadique – Faith N’ Friends Horse Rescue


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Why do I need a logo?
A great logo can set your business apart from the competition. As you build a name for your business and word of mouth spreads, your logo becomes a recognizable trademark for your business. Brand recognition is important, especially in marketing your business long-term.
So how do you achieve brand recognition?
Building brand recognition takes time – from months to even years to establish. With the proper strategy, your logo can be ingrained in the minds of your customers. The key is a clear message and consistency. If you change your message every other week, it’s tough to gain traction. Sometimes, you just have to give your brand message time to sink in and reiterate in different incarnations.


How Does Brand Recognition Help Me?
The best way to explain this is through an example scenario. Imagine you are in a department store looking for a television. You are having trouble deciding between two different televisions. One is $100 more expensive than the other one and is made by a brand that you recognize and have seen for years. All of your friends and family know this brand, and you’ve always heard great things about them. Their brand is known for quality. The other brand is an obscure brand, that is cheaper, but you haven’t heard that much about them. It seems to have more bells and whistles than the first, and is cheaper, but you just aren’t sure if the television is made very well. 90% of purchases are made based on brand recognition, simply by the fact that they know that particular brand, they are familiar with it, and that they align that brand with quality. People like to know and be sure of what they are buying before they bring it home. This is the most important concept behind brand recognition. Brand recognition sells services and moves products better than any feature that you can include. A great example of Knoxville logo design is JFG, as they are Known locally in the Knoxville area for products such as coffee and mayonnaise. Another example would be if you were in a store surrounded by a crowd of different brands, you would pick the one whose logo you recognized, because you would already have an established level of trust with that company. You know that company, they have been around for a while, and you know that they make relatively good products. Some excellent products are passed by, due to the fact that no one recognizes the manufacturer. The saying goes “Stick with what you know” and this is true with shopping.
How Will A Great Logo Help My Business?
  • You become more recognizable.
  • You distinguish your business from the competition.
  • You establish your business as a brand and a legitimate business.
  • You build buyer confidence – This translates to more sales.
  • You attract new customers.
  • It helps you make a great 1st impression with potential customers.
  • It unifies and helps to define your business.
So what makes a great Knoxville logo design?
One key factor makes a great logo, and that is simplicity. I see logos every day that are complicated, and that don’t communicate an immediate message. They have too much detail, and there are too many parts and pieces involved, and it makes the logo harder to remember. You want an image that is easy to remember, and if possible, it needs to be clever. A key phrase to remember with logo design is “staying power” which simply means that the logo stays in a persons head the first time it is seen. Using a generic typeface, or clip art simply doesn’t give you the staying power you need to make people remember your company name and who you are. To sum it up, you need a custom logo design that matches the persona of your company, communicates who you are, makes you stand out from your competitors, and that is easy to remember.